Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Cibbers and Bits

We had a great check up with the lactation consultant this morning! Cib is back at birth weight and is taking in almost four ounces a feed. Besides some minor latch probs the consultant said she can not believe how alert, healthy and happy Cib is. After confirming with the pediatrician, Cib is allowed to go until he wakes for middle of the night feedings and four hours between day feedings. The pediatrician said, "You dont want him walking at 6 months do you?!" :) My little over achiever. GO CIB GO!

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Natasha said...

OMG 4 ounces??!!! Saige is JUST NOW drinking that much - just this week!! And, 4 hrs between? Wow. He is a big little chunk, that Cibbers! Guess it goes to show how different each baby is. I need to throw the idea out the window that having another baby (God willing) will be a breeze. It will surely be a whole new ballgame! Loving you all...Aunt Tashi