Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Mario and Andrea Rodriguez said...

What a sweet surprise to see pop up on my computer screen this afternoon! CONGRATS Fatherees!!!

Rusty and Renee said...

I would have never dreamed that 6 years ago almost to the day when I had that dance with you that you and Austin would bless me so much with this precious boy, he is truly is a gift from heaven. Austin will be a great dad just as he is a wonderful husband. I have no dought that you will be wonderful mom. I think of our dance often, this is another memory you have giving me that I will never forget. I love all three of you. Poppa

mtan said...

Congrats -- he's a good looking kid.

SKFoster said...

Congratulations Fatheree Family!

Cib, I am friends of your Grandma and Grandpa Fatheree in Houston through work! I asked them to go to dinner last week and they were not sure if they could go because they were waiting patiently and with much excitement for your arrival! We did go to dinner and they shared the story of your wonderful family name, Cib, that has been passed down from several generations! That's pretty cool!

I know your Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you also! They have a pretty cool website about your life before you were born and I don't think I have ever seen blogs during labor! Hopefully your Daddy could type on his iPhone one-handed while Mommy lovingly squeezed the other one!

Well, Baby Cib! Welcome to your new family! I hope to meet you some day in person, but I am sure I will be enjoying lots of pictures from your Houston Grandparents!

Much Love and Lots of Blessings to you all!

Shari and Doug Foster
Lockhart, Texas