Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I don't believe in luck

It is time I emerge from my bubble world of drugs sleep depravity and bliss and give the mother's point of view. :) I of course write to you through tears of overwhelming joy. I am joyful because I am happy to admit I am not the luckiest girl in the world as I have said so often in these entries. I am blessed. This is all too wonderful to be luck. The Lord has been most gracious and blessed my socks off!
First, I will say labor, while hard, was not that bad. Drugs rock! Women every where listen up, "Get the drugs!" I dont think I could have imagined the joy I felt when I saw our miracle boy for the first time. Only one thought, He is Perfect! Cib is absolutely beautiful. He is an extremely peaceful boy. I have never known such an overwhelming love and joy in my life. WOW!
Austin has been a true rock star! My husband, who cant watch ER and swore he would be up near my head during delivery, was in the middle of the action and cheering me on! He hasnt swooned once. :) Not to mention he let me have two hours of sleep last night which were like heaven.
All of our family and friends who came from all over the great state of Texas to celebrate this amazing time - thank you!!!!! I had a surprise visitor pictured here who means the world to me. Thank you Tashi for always knowing me. I am SO glad you came! And all the comments here on the blog, I have cried and laughed as I have read them this evening. It is wonderful to share this all of you who have prayed for us, hoped with us and celebrated with us. Cib is finally here! After five years of thinking we would never have children - we now have a perfect one! See pictures below. I am totally guilty of not sleeping and just holding and staring at him. He and Austin are the true loves of my life. Praise the Lord for these last couple days, they are a treasure to me!

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Jamie & Jeremy said...

Each and every day will only get better and better! I am so excited for're a Mommy!! He's beautiful....congratulations!!