Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I steal my mommy's heart

After Much Debate the Jury is back! Cib has strawberry blond/red hair. It is really coming in and you can see it in this pic. YEA!


Judy Dailey said...

CONGRATULATIONS! He is beautiful!!!! I am enjoying the blog. Aunt Judy

Unkle Tommy and Aunt Susie said...

Austin/Amber - that baby of yours is SO BEAUTIFUL! We have enjoyed reading the blog so much - thanks for sharing the news and pics. Amber, when you were 6 mos. preg. standing on the front porch of a beautiful red-bricked home (is that your home?) I could just see Baby Cib around 4 years old playing in that front yard! We are so proud of you two! Can't wait to see mom, dad and our great nephew - Baby Cib soon! Love ya
Unkle Tommy and Aunt Susie

Natasha said...

Amber - I really see a lot of you now in Cib in this pic!