Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cib's Big Day

Now that I have weened myself from the precious pain meds and am a little more clear headed I can share the story of Cib's birthday.

We checked into Labor and Delivery (L&D) around 8 p.m. on Monday, July 14th for an over night cervix ripening treatment called Cervidil. We were expecting to be induced the following morning at 9 a.m.

The Cervidil was put in place at 10:10 p.m. and by 10:18, although it would another hour and half before this was confirmed, I was in full labor. As I laid there in pain I suddenly thought if a cervix ripening hurts this much, I can't handle labor! Then I felt a little warm trickle in my under carriage (as my grandmother calls it) and thought I had tinkled on myself, something most common for a woman at full term with a big boy sitting on her bladder. Then the pain really picked up. So I called in the nurse and through a clenched jaw told her I wasnt sure I could handle this without serious pain meds. She began to giggle. She said, "Oh sweetie, you cant have an epidural for a cervix ripening." I started to cry a little as the pain really picked up another notch and Austin asked me to wait it out another 20 minutes or so and then we would reassess. 20 minutes came and went and I announced loudly (I had been watching the clock) that this was BS and I wanted some drugs. At that time the nurse started taking a little more seriously and asked one of the residents to check my cervix. To their surprise I was dilated to a 4 (I was a 2 only an hour before) and the little accident I thought I had had turned out to be my water breaking. The nurse immediately offered me something she called the 'margarita shot'. She said it is like having a couple margaritas, you fall and hurt yourself but you dont care about the pain. I replied, "I will have salt with mine." :) After I was sure I was in labor I actually felt better about the pain I was in. I decided to sit in the rocker for an hour and wait on the epidural, trying to get to 5 cm dilated. I made it and then decided I had been brave enough, epidural please! Once I got my epi it was sleepy time bliss from there. An hour later I was a 7 and by 5 a.m. I was a 10 and Cib was fully effaced and ready to go. My doctor was in a surgery so she let me 'labor down' for a few hours since Cibber's head was so big. Basically this means I just laid there blissfully sleeping while my body did the work of bringing Cib further into the birth canal.

Around 8 a.m. they said the doctor would be arriving soon. And suddenly my epidural machine started beeping and saying 'low medication'. I freaked! :) I called for the nurse immediately and let her know I had no desire to feel ANY pain. They got that fixed ASAP. Then the doc arrived and pushing began at 9 a.m. I was so surprised at how different it was than my fears or expectations. The pushing was like a hard work out with my trainer but nothing I could not bear. After two and half hours of pushing, Cib made his big debut. Austin and I cried in wonder of this little guy coming into our lives. More love than I can express in words filled our hearts instantly.

Cib was immediately but on my chest and got to spend about 20 minutes there with me while the doctor delivered the placenta and checked him out. He was quiet and alert. I was amazed at how awake he was and it was a very special time I will never forget with my son.

They took Cib to a little warm next to my bed and completed his apgar testing, he received a 9! Suddenly everything in the room began to sort of glow. I heard the nurse tell the doc that my blood pressure was down to 90/30. YIKES! I said, " Am I ok?" The nurse was very reassuring letting me know I had lost an acute amount of blood from an enlarged placenta from carrying triplets for the first trimester. They got me some apple juice, a protein bar and things started to look a little more clear. I got to breast feed Cib for the first time with Austin's help due to my low blood and energy levels. It was completely peaceful in the room while Cib nursed. It was surreal that this was the baby that we had prayed and hoped for for so many years.

All in all my birth experience was actually very pleasant and special. I will treasure it always. The day the Lord gave me my miracle baby.

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Jaclyn said...

I would just like to say that Cib completes such a precious family and it was such a pleasure taking care of you guys in Labor and Delivery! People like you are the reason I do what I do, it brings me such joy to read your blog and know every step you went through to get to today. I will enjoy reading about Cib and seeing all the pictures, please stop by anytime to say hello!

Jaclyn Budet RN
BUMC Labor and Delivery