Friday, July 18, 2008

The Perfect Person

There are certain moments for a man and wife in life where the only other appropriate person that can be in the room is the wife's Mom. Renee' has been here for us and over last 24 hours through a number of potentially awkward and personal moments and I could not have asked for a more perfect person to have as my mother in law.

Amber and I are certainly not rested yet, but with Renee's help we've come out of the fog and we are able to thoroughly enjoy our beautiful baby boy.

Cib had a rough start to the night, but he settled in and has had two good 3.5 hour sleep sessions. We hate waking him up, but a boys got to eat! Mom is now on the milk train and she's handling the discomfort like a champ. Cib seems to b e enjoying this new phase and I'm sure his diaper is going to respond accordingly.

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Granny Nanny said...

Thank you Renee from Granny Nanny and Captain Jim! We loved being with you this week and are eternally indebted to you for helping Austin and Amber and Baby Cib adjust to life at home and life in general with a new little one! I know it is a labor of love and there is nowhere else on earth you would rather be.....but it is nice to know you are appreciated!! And you us all!!! Kiss Cib's sweet head for us....and try to get some rest yourself! Love to you all!
Forever Granny Nanny and Captain Jim