Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank you for your prayers, they worked!

Yesterday was an awful day! I woke up for Cib's 5 a.m. feeding with a temp of 102. After a panicked call to the doc she told me not to go to the ER for fear of germs I might pass on to Cibbers and asked me to meet her at the office at 830. By the time we got there my fever was 103.3 and I couldnt walk. She promptly sent me back to Labor and Delivery at Baylor. It was time to feed Cib again so my wonder Mom brought him to us at the hospital. My husband was such a champ! We were put in a curtained area with little privacy and no room since I wasnt actually having a baby and I was heavily drugged. Austin did every thing from console poor Cibbers who didnt like this new bright and cold place, to diaper him on the foot of my small bed and held him up while he nursed because I was too drugged. I am amazingly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father for my children. Once my fever broke and they had the chance to run several tests they came to a few conclusions. 1) I had a small kidney stone, a kidney infection and bladder infection. 2) I needed major IV antibiotics. So I stayed somewhat unwilling at Baylor over night and received 5 bags of IV drugs. I feel SO much better today! Tired but better. Thank you all so much for your prayers. We made it home and to celebrate gave Cib his first big boy bath in his tub. It was fun and a little scary. :) He promptly fell into a deep nap and I hope it will last long enough for me to join him after I finish posting. :)


Teri said...

So glad you don't have to have surgery! But as my urologist said about stones in regards to the pain, "Does size REALLY matter?"....
He thought he was pretty funny. The very pregnant lady on loads of morphine did not.
Hope you are back to 100% really quick!

Lindsey said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sorry we weren't able to come up this weekend, but I am just glad you aren't in pain anymore. We will make it up to Dallas soon!