Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eternally Pregnant

Well, it's official. I am pretty convinced I am going to be eternally pregnant. My mom mentioned Christmas a few days ago and my first thought was, "I wonder if Cib will be here by then" :) These last two weeks have felt as long as my entire pregnancy in some ways. This is the hottest summer in Dallas on record since 1931. We have been at 99 or 100 everyday for almost two months now. I thought here 'up north' we would get a small break from the Houston like heat we have grown accustom to but you all know me, and I love the drama. :)
Today at almost 39 weeks, I am off to see the wizard! (aka Dr. Stevenson, OB extraordinaire) I had something delightful called a membrane sweeping a week ago which has given me irregular contractions for a week and is supposed to (we really hope) have helped me dilate, efface, etc. Today we will find out if we are any closer to meeting our little man and have a second membrane sweeping. The good news is he has slowed a whee bit in weight gain over the past two weeks. This means my risk of C-section and other unfortunate mommy damage goes down! Yea! But we are still looking at meeting a chubby cheeked beauty! More info after doc appt this a.m.

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Natasha said...

Picture of the red hot momma, please.