Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So this is what they mean...

It is the end of a long day...of the begining of a new long day. It
depends on how you read the clock.

Cib is next to me sleeping in his rolly basinette and we are in a long
quite hallway. Mom is in the room trying to get some well earned sleep.

Tomorrow just seems to get bigger as Cib has his first pediatrician
appointment and his little boy surgery. I can sleep when I'm dead

So far this is a blast. I gave Cib his first bath today and that
was really special. Amber is teaching him how to eat and he is doing
great. He seems to be picking up pooping on his own. That is the only
annoying thing he has done so far and even that was kind of cute.


Lucas said...

HAH!!! His first poop! You know you're supposed to save that right? It's good luck and will make a special graduation or wedding gift.

"Mom, Dad, I can't believe y'all saved that.....gross."

Lucas said...

By the way, everytime I go to your blog and see "The Countdown" I get The Final Countdown
by Europe stuck in my head.