Friday, August 28, 2009


Well keeping up with Cib has become a full time job! He is on the move!

Most days he goes by and all I see is a flash of strawberry blond curls!

There is the important discovery of the door handles - yikes!

More and more of this! Seven steps this week before he fell!

And every once in a while he stops for a quick snack.

And he LOVES to explore all the cabinets! Yes, those are child locks you see sticking out of the inside of my cabinet - no match for Mr. Bits!
He did stop long enough to help with his first 'Mommy and Me Homework' sent from school!

Then there are the more rare and precious moments...

Cib loves to look 'side' at the kit cats.

Happy Weekend All!

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Granny Nanny said...

Love this and the new blog "do"! Looks great!!!! And I love you all and Cibbers too! FOREVER!!