Monday, November 23, 2009

Cib's First Haircut

Cib's sweet baby curls.

We went to this great toddler friendly hair cut place called Snip It's - Cib had a blast!

Until I tried to strap him into the chair that is.

Ah but then he saw the animal crackers and all was ok.

I sat there watching him get his first hair cut and felt a knot in the throat - he is getting so big!

He looks so handsome and very 'big boy' with his new do!

When you finish your hair cut you get a prize by depositing your hair!

The best prize was for Cib to have his Granny Nanny there - he loves her so.
As you can see, the feeling is mutual. :)
Thanks Nancy for taking pictures and being a wonderful grandmother!

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Granny Nanny said...

Thank YOU for asking me - my pleasure! And THANK YOU FOR CIB --- and you two --- three of my life's MANY MANY BLESSINGS!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE SPARKS/TEMPLETON/FATHEREE CLAN! Have a wonderful time together! I know Cib will! Love you forever - Granny Nanny