Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Waiting, Waiting & More Waiting

After a trip to Dallas for, what I thought would be, a quick sono. Well, I am still here.

My uterine (sp?) lining is not 'optimal' at this point, which is tied to my estrogen levels which are about half of what they need to be. Sooo...the doctor has put me on additional, yes additional, estrogen with the hopes that everything will improve. I will have another sono and estrogen check tomorrow which will hopefully show improvement for an embryo transfer Tuesday, Nov. 24th here in Dallas.

If there is no improvement then they will either cancel this cycle and we will try again next month or they will continue with improvement efforts.

I feel confident that the Lord will arrange things according to His perfect plan. If this is not the right month, then I am at peace with waiting. Either way continued prayers are appreciated for success aka healthy full term baby delivered to this mommy's arms. :)

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Granny Nanny said...

Praying constantly for God's best blessings and timing! Let me know what you know! I treasure this time spent with your precious Baby Cib - he is such a darlin' and his Granny Nanny loves him so very much! Enjoy every minute you can with him --- he is growing so fast -- and soon he will be so independent that he will forget that he thought/thinks that we all "hung the moon" and are "wonderful"! It is so lovely to have him love you so completely!