Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She has done it again!!

Merry Christmas Ya'll

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Granny Nanny said...

Dear Ones -
I am smiling through tears! Cib is a precious miracle child and the photos capture his innocence! Oh to be like a child - he can teach us all this Christmas!
The tree is great - the yard decor looks good too - glad you were able to get the outfits you wanted. But the topping on the cake are the adorable expressions on all of your faces! Great job Meena!!!! Again!!!! Isn't it nice to have such beautiful subjects???? Thank you for these --- I would love to have a copy!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!! --- We are so thankful that Renee is home and doing well! We send our love and prayers! Have fun at your party and enjoy every second of December and our Blessed Christmas Celebrations!
Kiss sweet Cib's head for me - I hope to see him soon! He is just adorable, beautiful, precious...what else?.... I love him so! Always Have - Always Will --- Forever Granny Nanny