Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cib at 4 months

Yesterday was the dreaded 4 month check up with Dr. Fernandez that includes shots :( My sweet boy had his little heart broken when he got all five of his shots! And Austin didnt seem thrilled to be getting a flu shot either.

Cib is actually a little lighter than I thought. He weighs 19 pounds and 3 ounces in the 98% for his age and measures 27 inches long also in the 98%. When we asked the doctor about Cib's weight he said, "well, I like to see my patients weigh 20 pounds.....at their 1 year check up!" I guess Cib is doing fine. :)

We are having to once again up his food intake, including starting solids. Rice cereal, apple sauce and some light veggies will be introduced to Cib's diet over the next couple weeks - fun!

Here are some of the fun moments we have captured over the last week or so: Austin's birthday, good times with Granny Nanny, putting up the Christmas tree (yes I know, it is early, but I can't help myself) and keeping warm on cold Dallas mornings.


Natasha said...

Amber - he is so so cute. Picture of Christmas tree pls. John will freak when I tell him your tree is up.

Teri said...

What a good looking little guy! Ok, he is closing in on Tyson's weight at 15 months! That's awesome...good work mom :)