Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mom Update

Sorry I have fallen down on the job of posting mom updates. I arrived out in Eustace yesterday in time for the funeral of my great uncle. (Not an ideal start to holiday fun, but great to see relatives I havent seen in 10 years)

Mom has been approved for a 90 day in patient rehab stint starting in Jan/Feb of next year. She doesnt reallly want to talk about it because it is so hard for her to imagine leaving her home again but knows it is what is necessary and good to get as strong as possible asap. Please pray for strength and bravery for my sweet mom.

Today was a bit of a exhausting one. We set out for a day of cooking with three generations (My grandmother, my mom, me, and Cib -- wait that is four generations!) It is my turn to learn the family recipe for making Thanksgiving Dressing. (aka Stuffing for you Northerners) We were also preparing dressing to donate to meals on wheels for 100 people...all in all a day of bonding and cooking.....Oh but it didnt quite turn out that way. My mom had a 'quick' doctors appt this morning that turned into a little adventure. She ended up having a very severe bladder infection and being dehydrated. So we set out for the ER in Athens TX for IV fluids and antibiotics. Once I got my mom's chair put together and got her into the ER we were shown to a space no larger than a closet...literally. My mom couldn't get into the 'room' into her chair. To boot, the person in the 'curtain area' next to ours was throwing her guts up and the one next to her was a woman screaming, "I don't want any f****** shots!"....oh my! I then had it out with the meanest nurse ever and took my mom back to the car and we headed for Baylor Dallas. On top of all of that Cib has his first cold :( All sniffles and coughs.

All in all everything worked out. My mom got the antibiotics and fluids she needed and is home feeling much better, my grandmother taught me to make dressing and Cib is asleep.

Wheww......HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :) I pray that my family can have a truly joyful Thanksgiving of celebration and memories. We are very blessed!

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