Sunday, October 19, 2008


We have had a long couple days but tomorrow starts a new week and we are looking forward to that. My mom's medicine has again gone a rye. We spent the last few days getting her back to 'normal' and most of the drugs out of her system. Thank you for your prayers, my mom said she can feel them. She has been able to go out side some in her wheel chair and that breaths new life in her. I just got off the phone with her and she asked that pass along what a HUGE encouragement the cards are that she receives. I would ask that you send my mom a card. She draws such strength from each one. She prays for each recipient. Here is her address:

Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation (BIR)

c/o Renee Templeton Room 415

3505 Gaston Ave
Dallas, TX 7524

Please pray that as the new week starts that my mom will have renewed strength and purpose. That she will be a light to her therapists, nurses, doctors and other patients. That the Lord will use her to shine His light into this dark world.

She has asked for any women who might want to read the bible to her (due to all the meds her vision is a little blurry) to feel free and come to visit. She would love to have the bible read to her, discuss it and pray. Doesnt matter if you have met my mom before or not.

Thank you again for ALL the prayers. Please keep them coming...for my mom, my dad, myself, Austin and Cib and my brother Russell. What an overwhelming time...but I know that it is in these times that the Lord is at work and that is something to rejoice over.


Natasha said...

I am CONSTANTLY thinking of Nee-Nee and all of you. Loving you and praying for you nonstop. Want to see you all soon, pls. Love, Natasha

CFless said...
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CFless said...

We love you all. Please assure your precious Mom that she is in our prayers. We hold steadfastly to the belief that she will consistently improve and feel God's grace surrounding her.

Claire & David and the kids

Teri said...

Hi! I am Teri Caswell from FBC in Eustace. We are putting this page link on our website so that more people can find out about Renee. Could you maybe put a picture on this page so they will know they have come to the right place? We are continually lifting Renee up to the Father, along with the rest of the family.