Friday, October 10, 2008

Prayers of Thanks for blessings

My mom is continuing to make strides towards going home. She is enjoying the rib numbing and it is really helping her accomplish more in therapy. Cib and I have missed her terribly as we stay away until our sinus crud clears up.

My dad returned to work yesterday, as the doctors said it was best to keep life moving forward so that it is where my mom left it. Please pray for my dad. Pray for wisdom as he faces a mountain of decisions and preparation for bringing my mom home, energy to complete daily tasks that seem to be overwhelming in the face of this extraordinary time, and hope that the Lord will make my parents life more full now than ever.

I think for me I see the Lord working in new ways every day in our lives. The last few days I have seen what a deeply compassionate and caring man that my father is. I have always known this, yet I feel the Lord has shown me in new ways. I feel very blessed to have parents who are still so deeply in love and full of excitement about their marriage. I see these qualities in my own husband and know that between his poppa and his daddy that my sweet son will grow to be an amazing man who seeks to give the very best for the Lord's glory and his family's good. Today I thank the Lord for the servant hearted men in my life and for his perfect sovereignty to know what we need even we dont know ourselves.


Granny Nanny said...

AMEN!! We are all truly blessed by the men in our lives! Our prayers continue for your Mom and your Dad. Hope you are feeling better soon - wish I was there to help.
Love forever - Granny Nanny

Renee said...

I am so overwhelmed by the love and prayers by so many, by so many I don't know but I can feel there hearts being poured out in what I read and the way it makes me and Renee' feel. It brings a peace over me that is so hard to come by. Renee' has always been our rock and it might have cracked alittle but it will nver be broken. Amber thank you so much for opening up yours and Austins journey to include mom, I know Cib does not mind stepping aside for his nanna until she is well. Thank you to everyone for the never ending prayers. All my love, Rusty