Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Looking forward to coming home!

As we begin to prepare for mom's release from the hospital she is making some major accomplishments! She has transferred (moved) from her bed to her chair and from her chair to a car! This is a major victory! Praise the Lord! Yesterday she got in a contraption that stood her up, another victory! This coming weekend she will be able to go home for a few hours on a day pass. This is a crucial visit. She is to spend the time going around the house and identifying challenges so that she can spend her last week at rehab working on those specific things. She said she is also looking forward to taking a nap in the same bed with my daddy.

Last night the Lord blessed me with a sweet moment with my mom. We had a chance to read the word together and pray. My mom continues to ask for prayers of strength and for the Lord to make clear His plans for her. That she might smile in a time of trial and that others might see this and the Lord be glorified.

My mom will be able to go home on Nov. 4th or within a week of that date. She is very excited about celebrating life with everyone who has prayed for her! Please mark your calendars: Nov. 29th at 4 p.m. We will be having a Celebrate Life Party to welcome mom home. There will be a bonfire, winnie roast, chili and lots of laughing! I will be sending out an evite but if I do not have your email and you would like to join us please just send me an email at amber@fatheree.info so we will know how many people to plan on. Please know our family sincerely welcomes you to thank you for your prayers.

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