Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Momma is enjoying her new found privacy! We have lined up someone to come and cut her hair this week and take care of mani/pedi needs next week - Thank you Paige!!

Today (hopefully or tomorrow) the doctors will giving mom some injections in her five broken ribs. These are long lasting numbing meds that help my mom find relief from the rib pain and accomplish more rehab goals over the next five weeks. Please pray that this procedure will be as pain free as possible and that the numbing will be effective and without complication.

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to my Mother in law and BFF, Natasha. Austin made a similar post about my mom right after Cib was born. I could not have been more blessed over the last couple weeks by these two amazing servants of Christ! They have both served my family by helping care for Cib, cleaning, cooking, listening and praying. Thank you two -- more than you will know, you have been used in our lives.

Please pray for my dad and I as we both have come down with some rotten Sinus crud. Ugh! Not good timing but we are both staying clear of mom till we get a little antibiotics in our blood. My precious Aunt Cindy, my mom's sister, is sitting with mom in the mean time. Please pray the Lord will heal us quickly and restore our energy as we have much to do.

As always, thank you ALL for praying for my mom. Please feel free to email her scripture, words of encouragement, etc at templeton24@gmail.com

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