Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on Cibbers

Cib has been growing so fast I feel like I can't keep really, I can't keep up!

He is what my mother would call 'very active' and 'all boy'. He is at a fun age! He can make up stories, play pretend and have a whole (not always logical) detailed conversation. His memory is like an elephant! They have good memories, right?! Obviously didn't get that from me....

His favorite pass times right now:
Bounce houses (anytime, anywhere)
Playing with his superhero toys (batman, spider man, etc)
Books - the child still loves to be read to! Yea!
Chickfila (If he is bored he will ask, "Mom, let's do something really special! Can we go to chickfila?!")

Funny Cib Sayings:
Overheard talking to his sister, "Emmie, don't cry! I am right here! It's ok! I love you!" (melt my heart)
"Mom, if I feed my rain dragon (an ipad game) skittles, will I get a rainbow dragon?" Smart kid!
"Mom, you did such a good job! You deserve a star!"

Trying Threes are well...trying. But not a day escapes me without my thoughts going to this boys smiles and giggles. He is still daily, my little miracle man!

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