Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emmie 6 Months

Wowzers! Time is flying and it's been way too long since I have sent an update to the blog.

Yesterday marked Emmie's 6 month birthday! She is getting SO big! We had her shots today and check up. She weighs 16 pounds & 12oz (64%)and is 27 inches long(90%). A picture of health!

Her 6 month tricks:
Sitting up on her own for around 3 minutes before wavering.
Babbling (constantly - way more than Cib - like her momma)
Blowing Raspberries
Rolling back to front and front to back (when she feels like it)
Chewing on everything
Eating all fruits, veggies and grains (Starting fish this week)
And for my own records, weening from breastfeeding.

Emmie continues to be a complete delight and LOVES people and to be out. She is my little 'go girl'. I couldn't be more eaten up with her!
Momma loves you bird girl!

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