Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emmie & Cib

Emmie got Cib a gift to help break the ice....

But Cib actually was more excited to give the gift he brought her, than open his.

He brought her a lovey! So sweet!

Cib's godfather, Ryan and his wife Lindsey sent Cib a special big brother gift too!
So far he thinks being a big brother is really cool!

Cib was SO sweet when he met Emmie yesterday!
He kept saying how pretty she is and gave her lots of big brother hugs and kisses!
Our hearts couldn't be more full!

1 comment:

Natasha said...

These pics of the 4 of you, and Cib looking at Emmie, with you looking on all misty eyed are so so sweet! Made me tear up...