Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cib's BIG Day

Today was a BIG day!
Cib's first day of PreK!!!
He was SO excited!

He is in the Jungle Room at school and thinks that is super cool!

I hate that this picture of Cib has a shadow on it but it doesn't dampen his excited smile!

Emmie Update: We are still in the middle of the War of the Jaundice!
Emmie has breast milk jaundice which can linger for up to 3 months! But Friday is our last day of light therapy and hopefully our final check of her blood. Poor Girl. But she has been a real trooper! She is now doing 3 to 4 hours between feedings which is a major improvement to every one's well being. :) We are still working to get to know Ms. Em (as I call her) but one thing is for sure - her big brother loves her to pieces and is already super protective of her!

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Granny Nanny said...

They are both my preciouses!!!