Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to one and only, Mr. Bits!

Three years ago today our lives changed....forever....and in the most amazing way. God gave Austin and I the miracle we prayed for and turned us into a family.

Cib, I hope you know everyday you were no accident, you were not the next step in life, you my precious son - were one most sought out, most prayed for and who most blesses us.

Cib is doing great! At his 3 year check up he weighs 41 pounds and is 3'4" tall, both in the 98th%. His speech, comprehension and audibility (ability to understand what he says by others) is excellent.

Cib is most curious and WHY? is a constant question. Cib loves to play soccer, swim and all things Lighting McQueen/Cars. His laugh is belly giggling and contagious. He loves spending his free time with his Grandparents who, I am happy to say, spoil him rotten. This fall he will start Preschool and become a big brother - two 'big boy' privileges he is looking very forward to.

Happy Birthday Cibbers!
Momma and Daddy love you very much!


Natasha said...

Happy Birthday, Cibbers! Can't wait to celebrate with you at your party on Sat. :) Aunt Tashi loves you!

Granny Nanny said...

We have cherished every moment spent with our precious Cib! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY -- we love you with all our hearts & FOREVER!!!