Sunday, July 31, 2011

CIb Graduates!

Y'all, I have been so behind on my blog!
BUT I wanted to get this up before Emmie arrives next week and the focus, well...grr...shifts for a while.

Cib graduated from his Mother's Day Out program this past Friday. It was really bitter sweet for me. I didn't have to say good bye to all the teachers and staff who've become like family because I will see them again next year when Emmie begins her time there. However, knowing that Cib has been there for 2 years made me realize just how fast he is growing up and how much growing he's done in those two years.

Here he is at 10 months on his first day in the baby room:

His first day in the 2 year old room:

His last day in the two year old room with his teachers Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Mojgan (who has become a beloved babysitter and like family) and his best bud Liam:
And his last day at CDI (Friday) with his 3 year old teacher Ms. Olga - whom we love!
Cib has made some great friends at CDI and so have I!
I am so proud of you, Cibbers! And I am excited to see you keep growing as you begin Pre-K!


Granny Nanny said...

Love this --- so fun to see the progression of these photos! Seems like yesterday that Cib started CDI! Actually -- it seems like yesterday when Austin started Mother's Day Out at Memorial Drive Presbyterian (same place) in 1978 with David Peden. I still remember leaving him there the morning I birthed Luke --- and my Mom went to pick Austin up in the afternoon and told him he had a "New Baby Brother"!
I am thankful that MDPC had a "spot" for Cib when you came back to Houston....he has loved it and learned much there! It is bittersweet though --- time travels FAST!!!
Much more fun and happy memories ahead though! Thanksful we are here to enjoy it all with you all! Love you ALL FOREVER!!!

Granny Nanny said...

Been able to spend so much time with you this summer that I have been tardy in checking the blog -- I see I have missed A WHOLE LOT!!!