Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Picnic

Saturday we spent outside enjoying this beautiful Spring weather and hunting Easter Eggs!

Nana and Aunt Trisha

Cib discovered that some of the eggs had chocolate gold fish inside - yum!

Cib laughed and smiled lots yesterday!

This is Cib telling the Ants, "No No Bugga Bugga" for biting him.

Playing 'Get you Get you' with Papa

Honey Fried Chicken - Yummy!

So blessed to enjoy a day with family and baby Bits!


Granny Nanny said...

OH THANK YOU FOR POSTING THESE! It looks like a wonderful PRECIOUS time ..... all day! I know it was fun for all - especially Cib --- well, you all probably had as much fun watching him have fun! Hug him tight! Is the Cozy Coupe new - Lindsey had one just like it! I love you all!!!!

Russell said...

Well was'nt that just a swell time!