Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rodeo Houston

Thanks so Cap'n Jim we got 'back stage' passes to the Rodeo this year! Austin gave us a special treat by spending the afternoon with us during the week. Cib loved every minute!

Cib just kept saying, "oouuu horsey!"

Cib's favorite part of the day was the petting zoo!

He would just laugh when they ate hay out of his hands - so cute!

Granny Nanny and the Lama.

My sweet boy. He loved the deer. He would say, "Deers."

He was a little too affectionate for my taste with this particular goat.

Something Cib LOVES (and is very vocal about these days) is Fries.

Well this was a little adventure. Austin thought Cib would like riding these little cars that go around in a circle....good idea....

However, when the ride began, there was lots of bouncing and swinging and general nausea.
But as soon as it stopped...Cib said, "More Momma?"
No Thanks love...

Cib met a giant rabbit that he became fast friends with.

He especially enjoyed the truck and tractor exhibit.

He climbed up into the SUV and said GO!

Thanks Granny Nanny and Cap'n Jim for a great day at the rodeo!

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meena said...

Oh my gosh, Cib is getting so big!! Even since we saw him in November. The rodeo pics are too cute!