Saturday, March 27, 2010

FET Update

Our Frozen Embryo Transfer is still scheduled for April 6th, which is a week from Tuesday! We are excited and of course nervous. And I am a poo poo platter of hormones.

The current regiment includes Viagra! Sorry, hate to report that the side effect is head aches and nausea; why do guys get to have all the fun!? Wink. Wink. Along with Estrogen, Lupron and Dexamethasone. I am feeling fairly good and know it is for a great cause.

There have been lots of moments lately when I have wanted so badly to know and control the result outcome of this process. This has been a great time that the Lord has reminded me that He alone knows and gives His very best for me. I know no matter the outcome I will be given God's best. We are taking each day at a time, and focusing on the miracle we already have! Sweet Bits!

We are excited to celebrate Easter in Eustace with my family! I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday. Rejoice - He has risen!

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