Saturday, October 24, 2009

WARNING: Possible Cutey Overdose

Enter at your own risk! :)
Our little lion went to his school halloween party with his entire fan club in tow! Nana & Mamaw - from East Texas, Granny Nanny & Cap'n Jim (Thanks for making the early trip!) and of course, the fan club presidents- Mom & Dad.

We started off with a little photo op at home before heading to the party.

Then we got the party started!

Cib went fishing and won a prize!

Three generations of loving on lookers!

Cib loved the moon walk!

Cib decorated his very own trick or treat bag.

Well, daddy helped a little.

The real high light of the day began when we sat down with Nana for a lesson in decorating the perfect Halloween sugar cookie.
This was Cibbers idea of decorating.
Nana said it was ok as long as we share!

Nana liked the cookies too!
A theme emerged-

Here is Cib getting his tatoo on his hand - with his cookie.

Here is Cib watching Daddy make his Halloween necklace - with his cookie.
An intervention had to be performed.
The giant vants of pasta were a good distraction and a huge hit!

Then we finished off our fun by decorating our pumpkin!
And the big finish, my new trick...
Drinking out of a straw!!!

At the end of the afternoon - I had one very sleepy Lion on my hands.


Granny Nanny said...

We were thrilled to get to see "Our Lion"!!! He is so adoreable and it was wonderful to see Nana & Mamaw too! Thanks for letting us come! I had fun taking the photos and I am glad you were able to use them! I only took 226!!! I love you all for putting up with me! And we have one PRECIOUS LION!!! fOREVER - Granny Nanny & Captain Jim

Teri said...

Cutest Lion I've ever seen.
Biggest entourage too!