Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting the All Clear

Today we got wonderful news. Baby Cib got the all clear from the High Risk OB! His heart, brain and anatomy all look great. The doctor explained that remaining babies from a triplet pregnancy tend to struggle in size and development. He said if he did not know my history and based on Cib's growth he would think he had been a healthy singleton baby from the start. After our all clear, well actually Dr Magee said, "You get an A+!", he said welcome to the other side of pregnancy. He acknowledged the weight you carry around as an IVF patient, the holding your breath even after the doctors all say you are ok, etc. He said we looked happy and it had finally sunk in, We are having a baby. A healthy baby. Welcome to the other side, the peaceful side, the beautiful side of pregnancy.
As of now, Cib weighs one whole pound and continues to meausre a full two weeks ahead of my due date. Both GREAT signs! Dr. Magee will continue to monitor us just as a precaution but feels confident we are all going to be just fine.

I love you baby Cib. I can't wait to meet you!


Aunt Cindy said...

Our miracle baby straight from God!
I cannot wait to hold and kiss my great nephew! His Great Aunt Cindy loves him very much! I feel I have known him for quite some time now and can picture him in my mind. He has been there from the very beginning you know. He is a beautiful combination of his mommy and daddy but of course, has his own distinct personality that is all his own.
Hurry Lil Cibby!
We are eagerly awaiting your presence!

Natasha said...

What a praise to God! You and Austin so deserve to be on the peaceful side of things! From here on out, it's all downhill, smooth sailing. Can't wait to see more pictures and read updates as you get closer to the finish line!

Love to Cib from his Aunt Tashi :)