Saturday, December 22, 2007

Count Your Blessings

Merry Christmas! What a year! We are now approaching our one year anniversary in Dallas. We are both shocked by how it has flown by. A year ago we were not only in the midst of fertility treatment and having to make big decisions there, but we were trying decide if the Lord was calling us Dallas. My mother said, "Take the job! Come to Dallas! You will need me close by when the Lord blesses you with all those babies!" Ah, my wise mother. :) We have needed her SO much already. She has been a constant care giver to us both through the many bouts of bedrest. She has jumped in whereever needed.... our cook, housekeeper, and full time cheerleader. Thank you mom, more than words can say...thank you. rant.

We are looking forward to spending Christmas close to home on doctors orders. Still playing it safe. The Templeton's will be with us and we are looking forward to relaxing and exhaling for the holiday.

Something funny and very 'hormonal pregnant woman of me', is the in the title of this post. There is a song by Diana Krall that I love. Count your blessings instead of sheep. This little bit of advice has actually really helped me on countless sleepless nights of worry for what is around the next corner. She sings..."I count my blessings. I think of a nursery full of laughter and curly hair." This Christmas I can't imagine there being anything under the tree that could even come close to competing with the gift we have already been given. The Lord has given us hope, something I thought long gone. He has granted us our greatest desire. Although we couldnt be more unworthy, He has given us the most amazing gift of all...His mercy. He has given us love in this life that many never know. A home full of love. Family who are related and some who are friends that fill our home with laughter. We are truly blessed. We are going to have a baby! Thank you Jesus, for the most precious gift.

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