Tuesday, December 11, 2007

9 weeks, 5 days

Today we went back to the doctor and saw our precious little one. Jumping around, rubbing its little face, no more tail! So cute, so big, and we are SO blessed! I dont think I could have ever imagined this journey. Not even in the four years it has taken to get here. These last few months have been filled with tears of joy, sadness, fear and longing. Austin and I are exhausted. We have been bickering some, but nothing too bad. I praise the Lord for the years He gave us to strengthen our marriage. I feel so blessed to know Austin as my husband and friend, and now as a father to our babies. He is really the most extrodinary person.
Thank you again to everyone who is praying for us. I dont know how people make it though these things without their faith. Praise the Lord for anwsered prayer! I am pregnant! I AM PREGNANT!!! I dont think I will ever get tired of hearing it. I am truly the luckiest woman alive.


Missy said...

Well, if Austin needs any help on how to deal with cranky pregnant women, he can give Walker a call. Don't know if he will have any advice, but he will at least offer loooots of sympathy :)

love you and Baby Tall!


Mommy said...
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Teri said...

Sweet! We love blogs & will be checking in on you regularly!
Sorry about that deleted comment...I accidentally managed to do that :)
Teri & fam