Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012 and Bloggy Catch Up

I am so behind on the blog...I just downloaded pictures all the way back from Christmas! So we will be playing blogging catch up in the near future. So things may be a little out of order.
But I wanted to start off with a post about Em and her new tricks!
Emmie continues to be an absolute delight! She is 'passionate' when she needs to be but mostly is easy going and loves loves loves to be out with people! She dances constantly and rarely meets a stranger. Emmie is sitting up very well on her own and is rolling all over the place. I am sure crawling is just around the corner. She continues to babble including dada, mama and yaya.

She loves to eat! She is over baby food though - don't sit next her and eat anything and not expect to share a bite or five with Ms. Em. She wants real food and lets you know about it. Cib loves sharing his snacks with her. He even snuck her first cookie bite!

Cib is doing great and really settling into being a great big brother. He is starting T ball this Spring. He continues to excel at swim lessons and has recently graduated to a dolphin level! He is now working on different strokes and diving. His favorite subjects in Preschool are Math and Science.

We have spent the last week on Spring break! Here are some pictures from Bandera, A picnic, Seaworld (including Breakfast with the Sesame Street Crew)  and a lil mini photo shoot with Em at 7 1/2 months old.
Cib's Egg from Granny Nanny! We waited to watch it hatch! 

It's Buddy from Dinosaur Train! 

Headed out to Seaworld San Antonio! 

Cib headed out for batting practice

Breakfast with Elmo

Emmie LOVED all the characters! Cookie was her favorite! 

Cookie basically sat with us the entire time. It is hard to walk away from this face. 

Cib's dragon tattoo aka sticker 

Hill Country Mexican Dinner 

A best friend picnic with Saige and Cib 


Long live the Scots! 

Flash Forward to Prom 2025! 

My bird girl 

I love you too Em! 
Riding the Polaris with Daddy

Emmie Girl - 7 1/2 months old 

She loves to laugh! 

Cib found a skeleton! Yikes! 

Loves her Daddy!

Whew! I am tired just posting all this! We had a great time in Bandera, San Antonio! 

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