Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Emmie

Sometimes I forget that this blog is not just about a story or cute pics for your grandparents. This is something I do for you baby girl.

And I realized how quickly you are growing already! So I wanted to write to you my 1 month old daughter and capture some things I am sure to forget.

You are so much like your brother yet totally different. Your expressions and eyes are just like Cibbers.
But there are things that utterly Emmie.
You make little horse noises no matter if you are sleeping or awake.

You 'feel good' to me. When I hold you it's the best feeling in the world. You are a snuggler and love being held.

No matter how much sweet smelling baby goop i put on you; you always smell like your daddy and that makes me smile.

When you are awake you look so serious like you are studying my eyes and face, trying to memorize every detail.

When you sleep you look like an angel. Tonight I unswaddled you to feed you and just sat and stared at how totally angelic your little face looks. You are beautiful!

I am absolutely in love with you baby girl!


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Granny Nanny said...

This is precious -- you will be so thankful you wrote it down -- because we too easily forget the precious moments! I am so thankful you have that sweet baby girl -- and I am very thankful you have shared her with me! Can't wait to see you all!