Saturday, February 19, 2011

BEANS Weekend

We've had a lot of F-U-N in Feb! We started off with our Annual BEANS weekend, this is (usually) a siblings only weekend when we laugh, eat and generally are up to no good....but this year we needed childcare reinforcements.

Cib with Aunt Lindsey and Caroline

Cib sits in his first deer blind. Dont worry, no guns involved.

Cib LOVES his uncle Lukey (as he calls him) so much.
I have a feeling they were very similar that Cib's age.

All the guys our of a ride on scrambler - Cib's fave Bandera activity!

The siblings are off for our dinner! Sorry no pics, all the babies were crying so we fled the scene. Thank you Captain Jim and Granny for watching them!
Here Captain Jim serves up some Valentine's cookies...yum!

It's hard to imagine what Nancy did before she was a Granny because she is SO good at it. These babies love her very much!

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Granny Nanny said...

It was a ball!!! Sorry the kiddoes had a bad night....but I am ready to have them back any time!!! I think Cib really enjoyed his "hike"...up and down the "hills" along the river! So grown up -- he did not want to hold hands! He is growing up so fast! Hug him for me!