Thursday, December 23, 2010

Turkey Turkey

Sorry for the bloggy break but we've have been trying to wrap our minds around this news before sharing it. It looks like our little Thanksgiving Embryos turned into TWO TURKEYS in the oven; or as we are (affectionately) calling them - Turkey 1 and Turkey 2.

On Tuesday, the 21st we saw two strong heartbeats. We are overjoyed and our heads are spinning...just a little. It is still early (almost 7 weeks) and our past has made us a bit leery but as for now things look great!

How you can pray for us:

Prayers for continued health of both embryos.

Prayers for a ceasing of the 'all day' nausea plaguing Amber.

And Prayers for peace of mind as we move forward into a world of to do lists, doctors visits and preparation to become the parents to three.

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