Sunday, November 21, 2010

My portion

It's amazing to me how God always gives me the perfect portion. I too often doubt that it will be enough and alas it always has been.

Yesterday they retrieved 7 mature eggs. I found myself disappointed and feeling like a failure. I had high hopes of more. Isn't that true of most of our desires? More Lord. This is a constant prayer for me.

Yet the Lord beams through with my perfect portion. Today I was told we have 5 growing embryos. Today I am a proud momma of Gods perfect portion for me.

Thank you Lord for grace on this imperfect sinners life.

Austin and I are excited about our transfer on Turkey Day!


Renee said...

We could not be any happier for what you have been blessed with. Both of your struggles and sacrifices will all be worth it. We love you and are praying for our new grandbabies everyday.
Mom & dad

Mario and Andrea Rodriguez said...

Amber - such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing your heart with everyone during this journey.
love, dre

Granny Nanny said...

I love you all soooooooo much --- can't put into words how I feel --- know that I am praying constantly for God's best for you two and Cib and just trust in the Lord --- and wait patiently! One day at a time!
I love you --- Always have - Always will - FOREVER -MoM/Nancy/Granny Nanny