Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And in this corner, the heavy weight champion of the world...

Today Cib had his two year check up.
Here are his medical stats:
39 inches or 3.25 feet tall (off the charts or 100%)
34 pounds (100%)
And 20 inches head circumference (90%)
The doctor said our Cibbers is the picture of health.

Mommy Stats:
He is sleeping 13 hours (collectively- naps and night time)
Talking in up to 8 word sentences -
Last week he said, "Momma I would like more milk in my cereal please."
Some of his newest phrases include:
No Way! (better than no, I think)
I hold you (when he wants to be held)
I really like (fill in the blank)
I wuv you
I sawies (I'm sorry)
While giving hugs he makes a kissing sound.

He can also identify all his colors and shapes.
He can count to 8 (90% of the time he gets it right)
And he knows most of his ABC's but not in order.

Cib loves movies! Toy Story, Cars and Nemo
He loves swimming and is pretty darn close to doing so on his own.
He also LOVES to sing and dance.
He likes to 'stack stack stack' his legos and make garages for his trains and cars.
Cib likes all sealife and bugs. Sharks especially.

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