Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cha cha cha Changes!

Cib is loving his slide from Nana & Papa! He loves me to reach up and pull him down. He is so fearless! I can almost hear the sweet giggles when I look at these pictures.

Our sweet boy is growing up into a (sometimes difficult) toddler, but oh so cute!
We are trying to get Cib is eat more protein. And since he really doesnt like meat, well I have had to get creative.

One of the new things we are trying to get Cib to eat is Eggs. We were successful with this great recipe from cooking light. Mine, ahem, doesnt look exactly like the recipe picture.

This delicious whole grain is packed with great protein and nutrients. He loved it for dinner tonight! I used it to make a pilaf with mushrooms, carrots and onions. Tastes like a more nutty version of couscous. Yum!

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