Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh My!

Well Cib is officially mobile! He has chosen rolling as his primary mode of transportation.
Yesterday I turned my back for maybe three minutes to wash a bottle. When I returned to Cib he had gone from sitting up to rolling around but something was different. I noticed he was closing inspecting and about to lick his hands. But was he holding?! Oh yes, it was poop! He managed to get poop out of his diaper, rub it ALL over his body and in his hair and on the carpet in three minutes!! THREE MINUTES!
So we proceed straight to the shower, as this is no match for a diaper wipe. I get him undressed and now we are both covered in poop. I set him down to turn on the water and what does he do? He pees on the carpet! Did I mention we are staying at my mother in laws?! Sorry Granny Nanny! Whew! This was an exciting end to an exciting week.
This week we moved to Houston, almost sold our Dallas house a couple times, found a couple Houston houses we loved, saw Slumdog Millionaire (very good!) and yes, had the major poop incident of 2009. (Or at least I hope that was it)

More from the big city later!

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