Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Baby Journey

I am creating this blog to share with others our journey to parenthood.

My sweet husband Austin and I have been married 5 and half years. We have been trying for 4 of those years to have a child. Like many couples have been labeled 'unexplained infertility'. We have submitted ourselves to ton of tests, repeated those tests, and alas, not anwsers. We sought the treatment of a fertility clinic for the first time a year and half ago. We have had 5 failed Clomid cycles and 4 failed IUI cycles. We are now in the process of IVF. Our clinic has a greater success rate with FET (frozen embryo transfer) therefore we have decided to go that route vs. a fresh cycle. Our retrieveal was on Sept. 4th, 2007. They harvested 8 eggs, 4 of which were frozen at day 5. Oct 25th (8 days from today) we will have our first FET. What an exciting time! Half of the time I am picking out nursery linens and debating if it will be twins or a single child. The other half of the time I spend in doubt and angst. Will it work? What if it doesnt? How will I feel if it fails? Where will be go from here? I am spending way too much time on google reading way too much research. Hopefully I will have very good news to share very soon!